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Agriculture Advisory Committee

Town of Farmington Agriculture Advisory Committee:

The Agriculture Advisory Committee serves town residents, farmers, and the interests of the Town Planning Board. The Committee recognizes that several opportunities are available to maintain and preserve the agriculture business and land use interests in the Town. The Committee has investigated which of these opportunities would best serve the planning interests of the Town and is working on the following activities:

1) Active Agriculture Advisory Committee input to the Town Comprehensive Plan development

The Committee is receptive to comments and concerns from farmers, farm businesses, agriculture landowners, and interested residents and business owners regarding the role of agriculture as a land use in the Town.

2) Apply for a Municipal Agricultural and Farmland Protection Planning Grant

Applications for State grant funds are currently being accepted by the NYS Department of Agriculture and Markets. Up to $25,000 is available for the Town to develop a town-level agriculture and farmland protection plan. The Committee is serving as the lead entity to develop the application, which is pending submission to the Town Board.

Please send any comments or concerns about agriculture in the Town of Farmington to the Agriculture Advisory Committee. Inquire with the Town Clerk (315-986-8100) for the mailbox location and phone contacts of Advisory Committee Chair or Vice-Chair.

This committee usually meets on the third Thursday of the month at 7:00 PM at the Farmington Town Hall, except when farming and other related activities preclude our ability to meet.

The following individuals are appointed to the Agriculture Advisory Committee:

Henry Adams III - Chair -

John Marvin

Don Jones

Peter Maslyn

Royal Purdy

Doug Payne

Michael Putman


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